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On InvestorsLive Textbook Trading DVD there were a couple of interviews with some of the top traders in InvestorsUnderground chat room. I mentioned Nate uploading more interviews to his Youtube-channel.

This weekend another great interview was published on InvestorsLive Youtube-channel. Make sure you subscribe to the channel to stay updated on all upcoming interviews!

Eric Wood aka “Elkwood”  one of the members of InvestorsUnderground chat room. He has been a student of Tim Sykes as well, and Tim has used him in his marketing for his services as well.

His profit chart hasn’t been updated for a while though. He talks about this in the interview saying that he don’t want to get all the attention. To keep Nate updated on his progress he shares his P&L screenshots every single day with him.

For those who haven’t seen the prior interview with Timothy Sykes top-student Tim Grittani, here it is. Tim passed the $1 million mark early in January and see how much profit he has made since then!

Check his interview too for more tips about how he has been able to build his account this way.

These interviews from Cam are a great resource with very useful tips of some of the great traders that are in InvestorsUnderground. Watch these to get a feeling about what kind of people you can expect when entering the chat room. They’re all there and everyone is more than willing to help you improve your trading.

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