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“Stop thinking you are irrelevant. Every single person is unique, every single person matters.”

I just love this statement from Timothy Sykes, and he is completely right.

So much people think that what they do, think or know doesn’t matter. They are scared to get their story out there.

But as Timothy says, everybody is unique and every single person matters.

Perhaps you haven’t found the right people around you who really care about what makes you unique, but they are out there somewhere. You just have to find them.

Timothy said this amazing quote in his interview by Jaime Tardy from EventualMillionaire. Scroll down to watch it here.

They talk about him becoming a millionaire by trading and his strategy, but also about his blog and how he build his online business.

It is great to see Tim’s passion about trading and success in all of his video’s and webinars, but when you watch this interview and see his enthusiasm when he talks about online entrepreneurship and doing the thing you love you get to see a deeper look inside his character.


About 90-95% of the traders lose money, it’s a game full of losers. The main reason is that inexperienced traders don’t have rules. And if they take the time to set up a list of rules they don’t follow them every time.

Tim has his trading rules very clear and makes sure he follows them.

Before making a trade he checks his indicators and see how the stock is acting.

When 3 out of 7 indicators show that it can be a good stock it is not enough to get in. He wants to have 7 out of 7 before making a trade.

He only accepts the best setups for his trades.

Before entering a trade he also has his complete plan ready.

What price is he looking for to get in the stock, what is his specific profit target, what is his exit point when the stocks goes against him.

While most traders just give it a go. They see a stock they like and buy into that to see how it works out.

By making his plan before trading he can be rational about it. While in a trade all he has to do is stick to his plan.

The ideal trading setups and what rules to follow mutate according to the current market situation.

Successful traders are adaptive. They are willing to go both long and short a stock as the market is showing them that is the right way.

The difference between his successful students like Michael Goode and Tim Grittani and the students that don’t make it is the amount of work they put into it.

Most people just want hot stock picks that they can blindly follow. The people that do success are working hard to learn the strategy behind his trades.

The success story about how Tim became a millionaire is out there everywhere. Here is a video from himself explaining his story.


Teaching for Tim is about showing how he trades real-time. Besides all the information that is available to his subscribers the main thing is to be able to follow how he trades real-time.

All his trades are verified on so people can follow all his trades and see that they are real.

Does who can’t do teach… so you’re getting the non-successful people teaching. Which sucks. What if the most successful people in the world all started sharing their secrets.”

Great comment from Tim, what if all the teachers were the most successful people?

There would be a completely different education system. Which doesn’t prepare kids for the standardized test to see if they are all on the same level.

But you’ll get a system where everybody does what he or she loves, is good at and will become even better in it.


Tim started receiving so much e-mails with questions about his strategy after Tim was in Wallstreet Warriors.

He decided to write a book to tell his story to everyone that was interested. To promote his self-published book he created his blog

A great move to write a book because there are so many people interested in your story.

That’s completely the other way around as the most people do. They write a book and try to find people who are interested in reading it.

His blog took on his life on his own as people were replying to his posts and started asking even more. Lots of them asked to get Tim’s trading alerts real-time during the trading day to be able to follow them.

So he created his Tim Alerts service on the request of future customers. Again creating a product because there was such a huge demand.

Currently his blog has about 2500 students who pay between 50-100$ a month for his Tim Alerts or his Pennystocking Silver plan. His blog will be doing just under $10 million this year.

That is what you get from creating products people already want and are willing to pay for instead of creating product and hoping people want to pay for it.

Even though the internet world was totally different 6 years ago when Tim started his blog, it is much easier to start an online business now. There are so many tools available to start an online business.

Tim had to create because there was no service like that that matched his needs.


Tim shares some of his thoughts about how to become successful online

 1. If you can help people, create a good value proposition sky is the limit. Promote your own products. Be selfish, no-one can promote yourself as good as you. Know your business inside out and be meticulous.

2. Understand that a lot of capturing customers is not about yourself, but what the customers want. Most of his posts are so basic, because readers know nothing. They just want to read an entertaining post. Don’t worry that it’s too basic.

3. Don’t trust anybody on the internet, there is a lot of bullshit on the internet. Need people to proof it that they’re successful. 

One action to take this week to get to a million;

1. For stock-trading, start learning the basics of the stock market. Really get into the market, use basic finance to get to know more about it. Most people who want to trade don’t understand the market at all. No wonder that 90% of traders lose money.

2. For blogging, start becoming an expert at something, or if you are proof it online. Show a before and after situation to proof that you are real and able to practice what you preach. There are so many people online, if you post unique content and get it out there it will be found eventually.

Internet is so great, it offers so much opportunity, even though we’re still a teenager online. It is going to get even crazier.

There will be more and more competition as more people are getting active online. The sooner you get started to more ahead you are.

You need the time to find your best customers and learn how to get your message out there.

Lots of blogs stop because people don’t follow through because they’re not getting what they want.

Start testing how people respond to your content and see what works and what not. It is OK to fail, as long as you keep refining.

Here is the quote one more time, because I want you to really get this;

“Stop thinking you are irrelevant. Every single person is unique, every single person matters.” 


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