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The most important art you’re going to need to become successful and to get what you want, is also one of the most simplest: ASK

It is said in “Ask and you shall receive.”

Yes, there is not a single question for success. Instead, there are a lot of questions that will help you grow and reach your success. But the most important thing is to ask your questions. Don’t let them wonder around in your head.

Ask your questions to the people around you. If you ask questions you will receive what you’re asking for. There are a lot of great questions to ask for success. We’ve collected the 30 best of them in our new workbook that you receive when you subscribe to our newsletter.

Without asking for what you want you’ll only get what other are willing to give away. Most of the things people give away are things that they don’t want them selves any longer. So why would you want to have it? It could be exactly what you were looking for, but the chances are it is something totally different. Something you are not looking for at all.


Questioning Yourself

You and I are constantly asking questions in our head. This is the way our brain works to make us think. We ask and so we activate our brain to start looking for answers. You might be asking yourself right now; “Is this true?” “Am I really asking myself questions when I think?” Yes, you are.

So by mastering the art of asking you will be able to ask better questions to yourself and therefor you’ll receive better answers from your brain. Answers that will help you do the right things. Answers that will help you grow in every way. Asking makes you think about what you want. 


Questioning Your Goals

When you are setting your goals you are also questioning yourself. You ask your mind about your future, how you want it to be. What do you want to have achieved? How do you spend your days in the future? How does you family look like?

Setting goals is like asking for your desires to come true. You think about what you want and how you want it. The more you ask about it, the more specific it will get and how clearer your future will look like in your mind. Don’t stop with a simple goals for your future. Write down what you want to have.

Be specific about it, not just a super sports car. But a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 in Arancio Argos color. Go even further and decide what options you want with it. Question your goals to get them specific and to visualize them.


Rules of Asking

1. Asking is the beginning of receiving

Asking starts a unique proces. Mentally you’ll go looking for the right answers. And you’re going to find what you’re looking for. So take advantage of this simple principle and ask yourself a lot of questions. The more you ask yourself, the more answers you’ll get. The smarter you’ll become. Be curious.

2. Receiving is not a problem

When you ask something you will always get answer. From yourself, or from somebody you ask your questions to. This goes automatically. Don’t worry about not getting an answer, worry about not asking.

3. Receiving is like the ocean, there is plenty

Answers to your questions are not in short supply. Everybody can give you an answer to your questions. Maybe not the answers you were looking for, but even those will help you get closer to the real answer. Make sure you ask all the questions you have.


2 Ways to Ask

1. Ask with intelligence

When asking questions you must be intelligent about them. Be clear about what you want to have answered. Define and describe what it is that you’re after. This works in questioning other people, as for questioning your goals. The more specific you are about what you want, the more useful the answer will be.

2. Ask with faith

Remember to have faith in your asking. Faith that you’ll get what you’re asking for. Don’t worry about asking the wrong question, or about not getting an answer. Have faith that the answer will present itself to you.


Be sure to master the art of asking good questions for success.

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