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In the end of last week both the S&P500 and the Russell 2000 both fell below it’s 50-MA which is off course a sign of a weaker market.

The overall market trend is under pressure and caution in taking new trades is advised. Don’t try to be aggressive and better be a little late and safe in entering a new position than forcing trades.

Also if you manage to get some gains make sure to lock them in earlier than you normally would just to protect yourself from giving it back.

The amount of stocks that is trading above it’s 50-day moving average dropped significantly last Friday. And also the stocks below their 200-MA is declining further.


Besides the overall trend showing more weakness I still found a good amount of strong setups that look promising for the coming week.

The tech sector seems to be getting back to the top performing industries in the current market.

As stated earlier to me the amount of stocks that are showing up on my screens is leading compared to the overall markets.

The ones that are showing strength among a weaker market are often the biggest winners of the next bull run.


Watch SHOP for a strong volume move through $1499.75. With a stop loss at it’s 20-EMA.

This is one of strongest looking stocks at this moment. Besides stellar earnings it’s technical are also showing a lot of strength.

See the perfect example in trading volume that show institutional buying. The gradually increasing and far above average volume is showing some big funds buying into Shopify and taking a position.

It’s impossible for a fund to buy it all at once because they’ll influence the price too much.

Although even the gradual buying is pushing the stock price significantly higher which is exactly the kind of action you want to see as an individuel investor. And more importantly that you want to use to profit from.

It’s up almost 15% since the buying started so don’t be surprised if it needs some consolidation before breaking the $1500 price level.


Watch CRWD for a strong continuation over $251.28 on strong volume. With a stop loss at it’s 20-EMA.

Another great former performer that looks to be ready to break out of a 3 month consolidation base.

Crowdstrike also has great fundamentals and growing earnings which makes this an interesting stock to own.


Watch IT for a strong volume move through $236.07 out of a flat base. With a stop loss at it’s 20-EMA.


Watch POOL for a strong move through $449.44. With a stop-loss at it’s 50-SMA.


Watch MRVL for a strong move through $55.70. With a stop loss at it’s 20-EMA.

Reported an earnings increase of +61% compared to Q2 2020.

Q2 2020 was $0.18, and for Q2 2021 Marvell reported $0.29. Which was $0.02, or +7%, higher than expected.


Watch CNXC for a strong move through $163.28. With a stop-loss at it’s 50-SMA.

Keep in mind CNXC reports earnings on June 23rd, so don’t be aggressive in buying before that happens. You never want to anticipate the market’s reaction to an earnings report. I only hold into earnings when I have a solid profit cushion to cover for a potential downward reaction.


Watch ISRG for a strong move trough 893.79. With a stop loss at it’s 50-SMA


Watch DHR for a strong move through 261.43. With a stop loss at it’s 50-SMA.


Watch CPRT for a move on big volume through $130.07 out of an 5+ month long base. With a protective stop at it’s 50-SMA.


Watch EFX for a strong move through $242.13. With a stop loss at it’s 50-SMA.

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