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Time for another watchlist for the coming week! Let me know if you value these updates and want to get them every week as well?

In my last update I shared that I’m going to start working together with a coach to build a trading course. I’ll start with that this week.

I did get some great reactions from you guys about what you want to learn. But I’m always interested in hearing more, so keep sending that feedback so that I can use that to build something valuable to you.

And by sending me that it doesn’t mean you need (or even can) buy anyhting from me.

I’m just really curious what your needs are to improve your trading.


Let’s talk some stocks and charts.

Besides the chart update below we’ve got some of the big players reporting earnings this week that you might be interested in.

On Monday Tesla reports after the close.
On Tuesday after the close: AMD (AMD), Microsoft (MSFT), Alphabet (GOOGL) and Visa (V).
On Wednesday before the open Shopfy (SHOP), and after the close Facebook (FB) and Ebay (EBAY).
On Thursday after the close Amazon (AMZN), Twitter (TWTR).


The first stock that looks promising to me for the coming week is Hubspot, HUBS.

Besides the strong technicals which caused it to show up on my rader, it just launched a new product within their CRM hub: Operations Hub.

And as always something new can trigger some good price action.

HUBS based for about 2.5 months now and formed short handle from where it broke out last week. The trading volume on Friday was above average which is bullish as well.

The pivot point was at 547.57, but it is just trading above that so to me it is still a potential buy.


REVG is trading in a high flag and contracting near the top resitance. It follows the 21EMA as bottom which is trending higher.

The trading volume last Friday was strong and might be able to push it through 20.83 as the pivot point this week.


CELH is heading towards another potential breakout here. With a buypoint at 61.10 only on strong volume as always.

On the chart you can also see my latest CELH trade from the end of 2020. With a great return of just over 100% in about 3 months.

I sold it once it broke the 21EMA after such a big run up. Sometimes those sells are a little early, but as you can see after that small dip it started trading sideways and even down for a while.

It dipped below the 50-day MA and is now just getting back above it. If it manages to push higher it might offer an opportunity.

Keep in mind that CELH reports earnings on May 13.

So don’t buy just before it and only hold into earnings if you manage to get a big enough profit cushion.


CWH came up in my weekend scan as well. It is contracting with smaller dips and slowly moving higher from the 200 and 50-day MA.

I’ve set my initial buy point at 44.20.

After that there will be some resistance around 47.62 as the all time high for CWH. If you buy early expect to get some sideways action before going higher.

The 47.62 ATH also offers a secondary buy point for me. If it isn’t able to convincely move higher when breaking 44.20 it might become a good candidate around the ATH prices.

On the weekly chart it shows the formation of a cup and handle, which you can also somewhat see below on the daily.




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