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There is a lot of information about the stock market available online. But which of those are actually any good to spend your time (and sometimes money) on.

What tools will help you improve as a trader and give you the right information. Before you start exploring all the options on your own, we’ve done that for you in our years of trading.

We’ve compiled this list with the tools we think are the most useful for traders. These are also the tools we’ve been using throughout our trading career so far.


A big part of almost every trading strategy is technical analysis. To be able to perform your analysis in the right way it is essential to use the right tools. There are off course a lot of desktop application that can help you with charting. But there are more than enough tools available online that offer you everything you need.


      Starting with one of the most used online charting tools among succesful traders. This is mainly because they packed so much features in their product. Stockcharts offers a wide range of different charts and settings you can use to create the perfect chart that you’ll need for you analysis. 



      When we want to pull up a chart as quickly as possible we mostly use Bigcharts. They offer a very simple site and a clear chart for sneak peak of the price action. One of the main advantages is that they show the latest news articles directly below the chart. So you can easily see what is going on around the company that you’re watching.



    Tradingview also offers a great variety of options on their website. They have a lot of drawing tools to enhance your charts with any analysis you want. 



Their are thousands of stocks that can be traded on the market. How to find the ones that you looks for in that haystack. There are several stock screeners online that can help you filter those stocks that you might want to trade. 


      Finviz offers the fastest and the most advanced stock screener available online. On their site you can select a lot of different filters to find the stocks that match your strategy. They created several maps to give a quick insight in the markets. It is also possible to perform some backtests to fine tune your trading.


    • is the website of Investor’s Business Daily. The publicing company William O’Neill created on his trading methodology. Besides a lot of news and company information they also offer a variety of screens to find the best performing stocks. Mostly based on fundamental criteria. Be aware that they are focused on a particular trading stragety, but you can use the information to your advantage.


  • Google Finance

    Google  has a great stock screener as well. Off course they can easily find all the necessary information to help you filter the stocks. They also offer a big set of criteria you can use to filter all the stocks. They also offer basic charting to easily see if the chart looks anything like you prefer.



Besides being able to find the stocks that match your strategy and being able to do some proper technical analysis there are a lot of other aspects that keep us trader busy. Here are some of the online tools we use to do our work better every day.


      If you come across a market term you don’t know, or just want to read some more about a particular subject. Investopia gives you one of the most comprehensive libraries of stock market information online.


    • CNBC Pre-markets

      Most traders start way before the markets actually open. We prepare ourselves for the day and get our game plan in order. The get a head start at the day it is important to now what the indices are doing pre-market. For that we always use CNBC.


    • Earnings calendar

      One of the main events we traders focus on during the year are companies earnings. They often act as a catalyst to price action for stocks. You want to know ahead of time what companies are reporting earnings on what day so that you can be prepared for any chances that may create for you.



    One of the most complete news website for publicly traded companies. They show the headlines of a ton of other news sites. Which gives you the advantage of not having to check each of them individually, but see them all in one place. Also you can easily find the latest financial numbers of the companies at Yahoo Finance.


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