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Have you ever thought about how fast the world around you is changing? Have you ever thought about how the future will look like? How technology is changing our lives already and how this will affect our future?

Most of us have thought about it. Most of us have seen the Matrix, where the world has been taken over by artificial intelligence. And most of us have always thought that it would never become reality because we humans are smart enough to always place ourselves above machine. Right?

Our history is the real proof

But when we take a tour throughout our history it is easy to see how technology has always found a way to replace humans.

Although at first it was in the form of tools that were making manual labor lighter for the workers. A fraction of time later and these tools have been developed into a piece of machinery that completely replaces the worker.

This same evolution is happening to our brains right now. There are hundreds of companies in the world working on robots and some form of automation. Not the robots you might think about that are used in a car factory and that only have one task to do.

Self-learning robots

But robots with real artificial intelligence, that have the ability to learn any skill by observing a human being. There are already robots that are not build for a specific purpose, but can learn any skill you’d like to learn them.

You may think that this is still a long shot into the future before robots are going to replace humans. But take a look around you and notice how many small tasks have already been taken over by technology.

Creepy idea? Watch this amazing video about the evolution of robots and how this is going to affect our society. Although I think of myself as being pretty well up-to-date to the evolution of technology this was still an eye-opener to me.


Did this video change your view on technology and our society?


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