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It’s been over three years in the making and is by far the most comprehensive trading education product available today.
I decided that I wanted to expand my trading knowledge to be better educated on the stock market. Nate Michaud recently created his Textbook Trading DVD with all his lessons he’s learned over the time he has been trading and becoming a self-made millionaire.
Compared to all of Timothy Sykes’ DVDs that I have received by being one of his Challenge students this is simply the best DVD out there at the moment.
Nate already has his Investors Live Daily Scans, subscription to his Chatroom and his Video Lesson Library where you can learn a lot about his strategy and trading style.
But now he has taken the time to collect all his knowledge in this one DVD. Lets have a closer look at what he is offering us!

This is the introduction you’ll see on when you want to purchase it:



The complete DVD is divided in 11 chapters, all covering different parts of Nate’s trading experience. It starts with his personal story of how he started trading.
He tells about some of his greatest successes and his biggest losses as well. You can learn from all his mistakes he made so you can prevent making them yourself.
He starts with some basic terminology that you need to understand to be able to watch the rest of the DVD and you’re new to trading.
When you are already familiar with trading this can be a little too much as it is probably all known to you, although it can be a good thing to refresh your basics now and then.
When you are a new trader this is a very good explanation of the basics that you most certainly need to understand.
To get to understand the trading setups Nate is looking for you need to understand some technical analysis aside from the terminology that is spoken among traders.
Nate spends a chapter outlining very clear how he has set up his charts and which technical analysis he uses for trading.
Even if you are not preparing yourself for day-trading everybody should watch the first there chapters to get a basic knowledge and understanding of how the stock market works.
After watching these chapters everybody, new traders and more experienced ones, is really prepared to watch this complete DVD and start your amazing journey of becoming a great trader.

In-depth trading

The next three chapters are really going into the different trading setups that he has been perfecting over the years.
It is amazing to see how his explanations are kept simple, so that everybody can easily understand them. He doesn’t throw you in the deep by filling the screen with complicated chart after chart, but he takes the time to explain the chart setup by simple and clear drawings.
This gives you, as the student, the opportunity to first understand the pattern without being distracted by the actual price, the time-frame of the chart or whatever more clutter there can be on real-time charts.
After explaining the setups he’ll show several examples of stocks following the exact pattern he has just taught you to understand. So that you will see that stocks are really doing what he is looking for to trade.
The DVD contains both trading setups for long trades as for shorting. Although Nate is mainly a day-trader he also explains how his setups can be used to swing trade as well.
An amazing addition to this DVD are the last two chapters. After having taught everything about his strategy and trading setups he goes deeper into the emotional part of trading.
What are the troubles you’ll encounter mentally when becoming a trader and what can you do to not let them get the overhand of your trading.
This is just an great chapter, as most of the DVDs out there only get into the technical part of trading. But being a trader is so much more than just stocks and charts.

Learn from Nate

Nate takes you through his daily routine, what things does he do prior to the market open to be prepared for the day. What are the things he does or is looking for during the trading day.
Besides his own daily routine he helps you how to determine your own trading goals which helps you being realistic about what you can expect and how to build your account.
A great quote of him: “Look sharp, trade sharp”. Meaning that even though you are able to trade from wherever you want doesn’t mean you can sit behind you desk in your pajamas, you have to take trading serious and prepare yourself for the day.
In the last chapter of this DVD Nate will take you with him when he is building a watch list for the next day.
You’ll see him doing his homework “live” as he explains what he does and what he is looking for when he is creating his watch list for the next day.
Nate shares what websites he uses, how he sets up his charts to see if there are any opportunities to trade the next day.



There are 3 great interviews included with the DVD. All with traders who have grown their accounts exponentially by using Nate’s strategy and learning from him in the chat room and his comments on trades and stocks he gives in the daily watch lists.
They talk about how they started with trading and all give some great tips for new traders.
They’re now also available on Investors Underground Youtube channel. There is already a fourth one available there and more are coming in the next weeks to months.
Would have been a nice feature if the interviews, or some of them, were exclusive to DVD owners. But then again, it is great that Nate wants to share them with everyone.
Watch the fourth interview with Crawfish_Poboy;


“This is the DVD that will make you $$$. Nate reveals his proven trading strategy where he covers all of his favorite trade set ups and plays. This is a must for new and experienced traders and is the one trading DVD that you must own if you like to trade momentum. He will teach you more in 8 hours than years of hands on trading alone will. I wish I had watched this DVD when I had first started trading!”

Steve Baldwin

“You want the best and most comprehensive way to learn how to trade successfully day in and day out? This dvd contains all the tools you will need to become a great trader. The key is to work hard and ingrain the teachings on this dvd! See you in the chat room with all of the other best traders around!”


“This the most clear and thorough educational trading DVD for beginners as well as pros who are looking to improve on their skills and learn a proven strategy. Watching it multiple times is recommended and I use it as a reminder to resharpen my skills. I have been fortunate to start my trading career under Nate Michaud’s guidance, this DVD cuts down your the learning process in half and guarantees you the best possible start to a successful trading career.”




With this amazing DVD everybody can learn a proven strategy to become profitable at trading. You notice that Nate really has taken the time to create a very professional DVD that will be helpful for both new traders, as experienced traders.
There are great lessons in here for everybody and due to the very clear explanation of Nate you’ll find yourself really picking up these lessons very quickly.
But as there is so much information in the DVD you will be re-watching this for several times.
I’ve watched it 4 times already! And every time I watched it I had to make new notes of things that I missed out on the prior times.
The best thing about Investors Live Textbook Trading compared to any of Timothy Sykes’s DVDs is that this one covers the complete world of trading.
It has great lessons, going in both the technical and strategical side of trading, but there is also a great part about the emotional challenges you’ll encounter as a trader.
It is worth every penny, and would be worth even 10 times the current price! This will help you make every penny back itself.
After watching this DVD you’ll hit the ground running full speed and be able to make back the money spend very easy. Besides that Nate has over $3,000 worth of bonus offers included in the DVD for you.
After watching this DVD and getting to know Nate’s attitude towards trading better I’m looking into joining the Investor Underground chatroom. He is just a great guy that shows
If you still have any questions about this DVD let me know!

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