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As you already might know from my earlier posts about him, I am a big fan of Tony Robbins.  He is an inspiration for millions of people and his audio tapes have helped lots of them make drastic changes in their lives.

He has written a new book since two decades, this time on finance. As money is one of the most important aspects of life for many people and dictates what they can do with their lifes.

So I’ve already pre-ordered it as you only need to pay for the shipping costs and you get the book completely free! That was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Inside this book you will receive a simple, 7-step blueprint to financial freedom for you and your family.
You will receive three Fast Track videos to help jump start your journey to financial freedom. The first video will be accessible direchtly after per-ordering.
And you can download the digital version of the first chapter. In this chapter you will find out why Tony calls it a game, why so few master it, and what you will learn from those who have


Achieving genuine financial freedom isn’t complicated. But until now, only the most powerful and connected had access to the right information and the right strategies.

Thanks to exhaustive research and unprecedented interviews with 50 OF THE WORLD’S MOST BRILLIANT FINANCIAL MINDS, from self-made billionaires to Nobel Prize winners, Tony Robbins has uncovered the 7 SIMPLE STEPS to put you in full control of your financial future.

This book will help you take advantage of opportunities you would have missed and prevent you from making the same costly mistakes that millions make every day. It’s a simple & PROVEN PATH TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

With clear language and inspiring stories, Tony Robbins has used this book to render even the most complex financial concepts simple and actionable. HE WALKS READERS OF EVERY INCOME LEVEL THROUGH THE STEPS TO BECOMING FINANCIALLY FREE by dispelling the myths and simplifying the challenges that prevent too many people from becoming wealthy on their terms.


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